Why Clients Choose The Ad on Wheels


Today’s consumer is constantly bombarded with media and advertising messages, which compete furiously with each other to gain top-of-mind recall. In such a scenario, bus panel advertising stands out. Its strength is continuous, consistent and non-intrusive communication at the cost of a one-time investment.

Consider this: around 35 lakh people travel in buses in Kerala every day. This number becomes significantly larger when we factor in commuters and travellers waiting to board or disembark from buses, and passers-by, whose gaze is swept by the long panel of a passing bus.


The competitive advantage of Ad on Wheels bus advertising lies in the fact that your messaging reaches consumers in every nook and corner of your target market. In Kerala, where a wide array of KSRTC buses cover the length and breadth of the state, bus advertising ensures that your buying public is exposed to the products and services sold by your business.

Installed unobtrusively on each KSRTC bus, the product or service you advertise gets maximum mileage in a cost-effective way. And did you remember that, among vehicles on the road, buses possess the largest surface area for advertisements, whether on their interiors or the surfaces on either side and rear?


KSRTC buses, which ply in cities, across towns, through villages or from one state to another, provide high visibility for your advertisements at low cost. All you need to do is decide which strategic segment must get your advertising message. Then, depending on your budget, regardless of your target customer profile, Ad on Wheels can create a win-win marketing proposition for you.

We are KSRTC’s sole licensee for Ordinary bus advertising in the state. Not only that, we have media planning and buying consultants on our team, who will advise you on the particular blend of advertising format and bus type, service, route and frequency that will deliver the biggest bang for your buck.


For instance, do you want to promote your product or service, an event or a programme? Buses have the biggest moving advertising surface areas that, designed with marketing expertise, are sure to turn heads or leave messages deep in your target audience’s psyche.

Do you need to reach into the rural masses? Select an Ad on Wheels package that plies the most frequently on semi-urban routes to taluk and village destinations.

Is the strategic consumer of your product or service an urban-dweller? Then flood the range of city-based services with your advertisements.

Do you need an advertising campaign, spread over a length of time? Just brainstorm for an appropriate advertising storyboard and run a series of advertisments at the right intervals and in the correct sequence, and you can engage your prime customer segment with delightful visual storytelling.

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